Have you refused a blood draw in a Monroe County Pennsylvania DUI Case? If so, the police are required to take action that will result in your license being suspended. This is separate from and in addition to any criminal charges that might be filed against you for DUI.

However, an experienced DUI lawyer might be able to immediately contact the police to request that they NOT take action with this suspension for having refused the blood draw.

Do not wait to get something in the mail on this issue. Talk to an experienced DUI lawyer today.

Even if you have already been informed that your license is being suspended due to a refusal of a blood draw, there is still hope. An attorney can challenge this suspension via an appeal process, which will stop your license from going under suspension. Time limits apply to this. Don’t wait.

Regardless of what has already happened, you can still defend against your DUI, and fight to keep your license.

I am available for immediate consultation. The right lawyer can make a difference.

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