Not all traffic offenses are created equal. If you have received a traffic citation/ticket in Monroe County Pennsylvania during this holiday season, don’t just plead guilty.

Whether the police have charged you with speeding, careless driving, reckless driving, traffic control devices, roadways laned for traffic, or any other offense, do not just plead guilty.

Consult with an experienced attorney who is versed in the nuances of these various traffic offenses, and how they impact your license, whether you are from Pennsylvania or another state.

It is possible that the police actually cut you a break.

It is also possible that the citation (or citations) is unjustified or excessive.

This traffic ticket could simply be a modest fine and nothing else. Or, it could result in points, heavy fines, insurance increases, license suspensions, administrative hearings with the Department of Transportation, or more.

Find out to be sure.

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